Have I Gone Crazy?

A New  & Total Terrifying Adventure... 

For me at least.

Monday, my boys will be finishing up their last week of public school.
Ryan will be finishing Kindergarten and Justin will be finishing up 2nd grade. 

My Husband and I have decided to give homeschooling a shot. Neither of us were homeschooled as children or adolescents, so this will be a major change and experience for our family.

Many factors have played into this decision, which I will touch on at a later date.
I am also not opposed to sending them back to public school if this schooling option does not agree with our household. We are blessed in the fact that our public schools are ranked amongst the best in our state. 

Since I don't know much about the "world of homeschooling",  I have decided to stick with a curriculum which follows a syllabus. We may morph into a different style of teaching...  I just needed to start somewhere. 

The curriculum we are following is from an accredited school based in California called Mother of Divine Grace (MODG).  MODG is a Catholic curriculum.  I plan on following most of the syllabi as directed with the exception of making tweaks in the art and music department.

Im waiting on our last order of books; scheduled to arrive on Monday! 
Follow us on our new adventure!

I welcome any words of encouragement, direction, and constructive criticism along our journey.